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Byju's is an online portal that has transformed digital education in India. It was founded in Bengaluru, India, by Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath in 2011. Today, Byju's is a company with a networth of 22 Billion US Dollars and is said to have over 115 million active students registered.


All the signages and graphics for BYJU had alphabets made of PMMA

  • The primary issue was the deposition of dust, rainwater, and insects on the letters creating a dark stained appearance. This gave a very anesthetic overall look. 
  • There would be water seepage into the letters due to a lack of good sealing. The rainwater, after evaporating, once again leaves behind stains on the inner side of the alphabet that were difficult to clean. 
  • The signages were often known to break away as well.


  • BYJU’S wanted to have a PAN India scalability with uniform appearance which was not possible before due to the absence of sufficient PMMA suppliers in the country. 
  • They wanted identical signages and displays with no variations in colors.
  • They required signage that would not be affected by water, dust, or insects.
  • They needed uniform lighting without any bright spots or hot spots.


AGX met BYJU’S requirements through a detailed conversation-based approach.

  • Amplification of the colors used as the backdrop of the letter for better visibility
  • Aluminum casing of the letters was developed.
  • Reflective effect with a chrome finish to allow color adaptability to give a floating effect to the signages.
  • Complete sealing of the letter casing to avoid water and dust ingress.
  • Standardized PAN India distribution of metal casing letters from a single point source to maintain consistency of brand colors.
  • International standard OEMs based brand colors were used to maintain the color shade uniformity across PAN India.
  • However, all the letter fascia were exclusively sent from a central location.
  • All the BTCs were also installed with their brand graphics in class rooms as well as facades.


AGX minimized the opportunity for compromise on the uniformity in color and material used. Every signage used specific letter casing and fascia from a specific lot only to prevent irregularity or inconsistency.

Our biggest achievement in collaboration with BYJU’S was the installation scalability of the network. To start with, we could install signages and displays simultaneously across 15 to 16 locations in PAN India within 15 days. In contrast, earlier just one installation would take us about 7 to 8 days to complete.

We had facilitated a live online tracker facility that enabled the client to be constantly in tune to the project’s progress.